Product Owner

Libertex Platform / Podgorica

What's the opportunity?

We’re hiring a Product Owner Libertex to join the team. This is an opportunity to work in an environment designed to deliver world class product, with significant responsibility and ownership, while learning from some of the best product people in the business.

Forex Club’s product teams are designed to deliver world class product, fast. Our core principles are baked into how we tackle every project.

  • We believe that nothing can be solved without understanding the problem first. You’ll go deep on defining the problem before considering any solution

  • We believe the biggest ideas are achieved in many small steps. You’ll be thinking big, working with your team to come up with innovative new solutions, before starting small, scoping the solution into its smallest possible essence to ship to customers fast

  • We believe that you never truly know how features will work until you get them into customers’ hands. You’ll be central to beta releasing new ideas and features, understanding how customers use them and quickly iterating on them based on qualitative and quantitative feedback

You’ll have a significant amount of ownership and responsibility, having a lead role in a product team made up of a PO, designer and engineers. Together you’ll determine the roadmap for your area, deliver these solutions from conception to release, continuously shipping improvements to our customers.

At the same time you’ll have the support you need. You will report to our Senior Product Owner Libertex, who will give daily support and direction.


What will I be doing?

  • With support of the Senior Product Owner Libertex, understand our business strategy and deliver product that reflects a uniquely Forex Club perspective on how to achieve it

  • Become an expert in your area of the product, understanding the competitive landscape, the evolving market needs, and how those things relate to the company vision.

  • Manage the roadmap - capture work from a wide range of inputs, understand and prioritise this work so your team is always working on the most impactful projects

  • Deeply know the problems that you’re tackling through research and regular interaction with customers

  • Collaborate with your team in thinking big, to imagining future solutions that solve these problems

  • Scope these solutions to their smallest coherent state to ship to customers as early as you can

  • Constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative measures

  • Own and maintain the quality of the product areas you’re team are responsible for

  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team of product engineers, designers, researchers & data analysts and ultimately own the success or failure of your team's work


What skills do I need?

  • Have a strong design or analytics background, think deeply about product design decisions and have an understanding of how to create simple user interfaces.

  • Be an excellent self-starter who can collaborate effectively with designers and engineers

  • Be an excellent communicator of product decisions and know the rationale behind them

  • Have excellent organizational skills and experience in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.

  • Be able to easily switch between thinking creatively and analytically.

  • Form strong and articulate opinions about the difference between work that should be done now and work that can wait based on a complex and evolving matrix of challenges and opportunities



  • A very competitive salary in a fast-growing company

  • Regular compensation reviews - we reward great work

  • Payment of relocation and organize of the legalization

  • Peace of mind with life assurance

  • One of the most beautiful sea-views in Europe

  • Amazing weather, very cheap living conditions and MacBooks